Feb. 1st, 2012

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My current job is a 12 month contract as it is a brand new, trial position. The funding isn’t due to finish until August, but we have to apply for funding to make the position permanent now. Over the last couple of weeks my manager, department director and I have been putting together a document detailing why the position is needed and should continue and evidencing why it is working. Which is difficult after only four months.

However, we have today submitted a document we are all really proud of, and it’s amazing to see what I have actually achieved in just four months. Sometimes you get so bogged down in the doing that you forget to look at the results. So from that point of view it’s been really worth doing regardless.

But, now I wait, and in a few weeks I find out whether my job exits after August or not…

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Conversation I was told about between two family friends who are like surrogate parents to me.

Toni: Don’t you think Jooles looks like Sophie Dahl?
Gerry: (Shocked) What? I don’t look at Jooles like that! She’s like a daughter to me.
Toni: I didn’t mean like that. I meant her eyes.
Gerry: Well, I don’t look at Sophie Dahl’s eyes do I?
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I love writing for this fest. If there's a dark Torchwood or Primeval fic you want to see me write, you have two days to put in a prompt so good that I won't be able to resist it. *g*



Feb. 1st, 2012 09:55 pm
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Title: Shattered
Fandom: Primeval
Words: 100
Rating, Warnings: 12
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own Primeval. No copyright infringment intended
Spoilers: None
AN: For
[info]primeval100 prompt 'shattered'
AN2: Anyone rec any Connor/Ryan icons?

It would be better described as early morning than late night when Ryan finally made his way home. He stripped off his clothes and collapsed onto the bed.

"You okay?" Connor asked, waking at his return.

"Shattered," Ryan mumbled into the pillow. "Too tired too move, too tired to sleep."

Connor lay a warm hand in the small of his back and kissed the skin near his ear.

"I know what will send you off," Connor said gently. "Roll over."

Too tired to argue, Ryan did as he was told and Connor's comforting mouth soon took him to blissfully oblivion.


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