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It appears I have a serious malfunction in my personality, and that malfunction is that I am a Christian. Yes, I am one of them. This means that I am anti-women’s rights, anti gay rights and intolerant of everything that isn’t nice, straight, vanilla and white. It also means that I am completely stupid and devoid of any rational thought.

Totally sounds like me doesn’t it?

I am frankly getting a little tired of all the shit that is hurled at Christians. Now I am the first to say that there is a shit lot wrong with a lot of organised religion, and have rallied against it with the best of them, but please don’t tar us all with the same brush. If I said some of the things that get routinely said about Christians and Christianity about any other religion, I would be lynched and de-friended by everyone I know, and rightly so too. There is no excuse for it. But apparently, you can say what you like about Christians, because hey, they are all stupid and no one really gets hurt right?

There a lot of problems caused by religion, I do not deny this at all, but there are a lot of us out there who are intelligent, open, accepting and loving so please stop assuming that all Christians are intolerant idiots. No one of any faith or religion is all the same way. You get the fervent extremists in every religion and they are all as bad as each other. Just because they have the loudest voices, do not lump us all together. Did you do that after 911?

Oh, and while we’re at it, I am sick of being called stupid because I have faith. And before you bring out the “of course you are, there’s not proof of God’s existence therefore you must be stupid to believe” argument, well, that is why it’s called faith. The clue is rather there in the word I feel. I don’t need proof, I just believe.

And because I believe and because I have faith does not mean that I do not question things and simply buy everything I am fed. Once again, so not call me stupid, I’m sick of it. And I love debate. In fact the religious gin-fuelled debates I and two of my old friends used to have became the stuff of legend. One was a practicing, took it all very seriously Christian, one was a lapsed Catholic and there was me. But it worked because we all completely respected each other’s views, never once told the others that anyone was wrong and never tried to get either of the others to think the way we did.

And I live by that. I will never force my religion down someone’s throat as long as no one tries to tell me I shouldn’t believe.

Or fucking call me stupid.

P.S. My other religion is Timelord, and because I have a sense of humour I don't feel blasphemous saying that.

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