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It’s been a bit of a frustrating and doom and gloom day in Jooles Towers, but I am bored of whinging, so let’s celebrate some completely random, utterly useless in real life, but happy-making stuff.

Most of my flist have a common connection, which is being part of fandom of one type or another, at one time or another. Share with me, and the group, your best and/or most embarrassing fandom moments. And take that anyway you will! A brilliant fic you have read, an amazing comment you’ve been given if you write, someone you have met, whatever.

For my part, other than the fantastic friends I have made through fandom, the highlight of my fandom career is without doubt being clever at Ben Miller last year in a Q&A about his film Huge. As well as wanting to lick him, I really respect his talent and his intelligence and holding my own in a conversation about film theory – my subject – with him was just brilliant.

My most embarrassing is quite a recent one. A couple of weeks ago I met Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham from My Transsexual Summer and was so utterly taken with her that I just gibbered. Complete incoherent mess. I was supposed to be interviewing her, but that went out of the window as I lost the ability to talk like a human being. Most of it centred around her being an inspiration and the phrase “I think you’re amazing” was uttered an embarrassing number of times. I also told her I loved her legs. Thankfully she was incredibly sweet, called me lovely and gave me a big hug. And her Q&A had been so comprehensive I didn’t have any other questions for her anyway.

Any takers to liven a dreary Monday?

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