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A random little, fairly meaningless update.

I went for dinner last night with someone who used to be one of my closest friends, but circumstances have led to us not seeing each other in a few years. But, it was one of those fabulous times where we were just chatting instantly and it felt like we’d never been apart. We talked stupid, fun, catchy up stuff for a while, then he just looked at me and said “how are you really?” and before I knew it all the stuff that has been rattling around my head and messing me up the last few weeks just poured out. I didn’t even mean it too. All the things I’ve been struggling to make sense of in my head, were just suddenly there, being talked about. And he listened and he offered advice and we talked about it.

I feel so much better just having got it off my chest and made some sense of it out loud. And what he said made a lot of sense and has actually made me feel positive about the future. So I’m feeling a lot better. No quick fixes, but I feel more hopeful.

Plus, how amazingly lucky am I to have a friendship that can survive years with little more than emails and texts, with someone who not only sees straight through me, but also sorts my head out for me.

Today is a good day. (made even better by knowing Flatty is making pancakes for dinner as I was out last night and missed them.)
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