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Title: Ad-dressing the Issue
Fandom: Primeval
Characters: Stephen/Ryan
Words: 2,326
Rating, Warnings: 18 for the sexings. Crossdressing
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own Primeval, no copyright infringement intended
Spoilers: None.
A/N Huge thanks to [info]fredbassett for a fabulous beta. I had the basics of this in my head for a while, thrn [info]fififolle made me think about boys in lipstick and it finally got written.

“I said, you will stay here until I call you into the bedroom. Okay?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

Ryan nodded as Stephen left the room, no less confused than he had been when Stephen had first told him to stay put while he went to get ready. Stephen had been in a funny mood all night. In fact he had been in a bit of an odd mood for the last couple of days.

While Ryan waited, he tried to pinpoint exactly when Stephen had started acting oddly. They had gone to the gym together on Sunday, run there and back and pushed each other harder and harder while they were there. It had been a lot of fun. And since then, they had just been working, the usual banter…wait…

The gym. It was after that Stephen had suddenly started being quiet, acting like he was thinking about something. Ryan replayed the afternoon in his head. They had been goading and teasing each other, making each other push and work harder. Well, okay, now he came to think of it, he had mainly been doing that to Stephen, but that’s the way they trained in the army. Pushing yourself harder and harder, and Stephen could take it, he was fit. And the name calling, just a bit of fun.

And again Ryan had a moment of realisation. Stephen had been fine until Ryan had started calling him a woman; accusing him of being a girl when he didn’t push hard enough.

Shit. Was that it? Stephen wouldn’t have taken that to heart would he? Surely Stephen was comfortable enough with himself that it wouldn’t bother him? And he couldn’t be worried that Ryan wanted a woman; they’d talked about that. So what the fuck was his problem?

He stood and started pacing the lounge, waiting for Stephen to signal that he was ready for him, wondering what the hell to expect.

He was waiting a good fifteen minutes before he heard a shout from upstairs.


It was a demand, not a request and Ryan found himself rushing to comply. Hurrying upstairs, he pushed open the bedroom door and stopped short inside. The sight that greeted him was not one he’d ever expected to see.

Stephan was standing with his back to him, and slowly turned around. Ryan felt a stunned look of utter disbelief crossing his face and was dimly aware of his mouth goldfishing open. His brain was searching for words to say, but coming up completely blank.

Stephen was wearing a deep-red, ankle-length dress. It was made from some sort of slinky material that clung to his body and accentuated every curve. As Stephen had his back to him Ryan could see that the dress was cut very low in the back, exposing an expanse of smooth, tanned skin. Inch-wide shoulder straps kept the dress up, but ensured that Stephen’s arms were bare.

As Stephen turned Ryan took in a high neck at the front, but a slit up Stephen’s left leg travelled half way up his thigh. Letting his eyes track up Stephen’s body to his face, Ryan saw reddened lips and eyes rimmed with kohl and eyelashes even blacker than normal.

“Fuck,” Ryan breathed.

“Woman am I?” Stephen said. “Well, I’m more woman than you will be able to handle. Strip.”

It didn’t even occur to Ryan not to obey. Still unable to find his voice he nearly fell over in his rush to get out of his clothes. He stood naked in front of Stephen, still staring at him. Something in the back of his mind was telling him not to move any closer until he was instructed to.

He could see Stephen’s cock starting to harden and the clingy dress left nothing to the imagination, outlining it as it grew against Stephen’s thigh. Ryan licked his lips.

“Like what you see?”

Stephen’s voice held a mocking tone that drew Ryan’s eyes back up to Stephen’s face. And that mouth. Fuck, that mouth, with the lipstick. Ryan wasn’t sure if it should be as hot as it was. And Ryan hadn’t thought that Stephen’s eyes could look any sexier. He was aware that he was still gaping and he licked his lips again in a vain attempt to disguise it.

Stephen smirked at him and reached a hand down to touch his cock through his dress. Ryan’s eyes immediately lowered. As Stephen stroked it Ryan saw the red material darken at the tip of Stephen’s cock as it started to leak pre-come.

“Over here.”

Once again Ryan found himself obeying instantly and he instinctively knew what Stephen wanted him to do. He knew because it was what he wanted too.

Ryan crossed the room and dropped to his knees in front of Stephen. He looked up into Stephen’s face and met his eyes. Those beautiful eyes. He reached up a hand and stroked it down Stephen’s dress-covered right leg. Then he hooked his fingers around the slit and pulled the material up and to one side. Stephen wasn’t wearing underwear and his hard cock sprang free. Ryan groaned and was suddenly acutely aware that it was the first sound he had made since coming into the room.

He leant forwards and brought his other hand up to the base of Stephen’s cock, holding it steady. He started to lick one long strip from root to tip. And then he did it again and  again and again. Stephen’s hand came down and threaded through his short hair. A small amount of pressure guided Ryan’s head and he took the quiet signal. He stopped his licking and took Stephen’s cock into his mouth. He moaned around it and Stephen’s fingers tightened against his head as he moaned as well.

One of Stephen’s hands left his head and Ryan felt the material of Stephen’s dress being pulled out of his hand and draped over his head. He groaned again. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had his head under someone’s skirt before, but it was the first time he’d had a cock in his mouth while he did it. And it was almost excruciatingly erotic.

His own cock was growing hard and heavy on his lap, but he resisted the urge to touch it, wanting just to pleasure Stephen. Ryan kept working with his mouth and Stephen’s hands kept stroking in his head, now outside the dress. Stephen’s other hand was on his naked shoulder, fingers and blunt nails digging into his flesh as he was brought closer and closer to orgasm.

Ryan wondered if Stephen was planning on letting Ryan make him come or if he would stop him. He decided to take matters into his own hands and get his own way. He moved his second hand from Stephen’s bare thigh to his testicles. He squeezed gently and rolled them in his hands. He took Stephen deeper, using his tongue, hollowing his cheeks, using every trick he knew that Stephen liked to try to make him come.

He wasn’t disappointed. Stephen started thrusting gently into his mouth, his breathing becoming harsher and Ryan knew he was close. Ryan kept up his ministrations and was rewarded by a mouthful of come as Stephen’s fingers dug harder into his shoulder.

Ryan swallowed all he was given and kept gently sucking for a moment before releasing Stephen’s cock and softly licking it clean. Then he pulled back, withdrawing from under Stephen’s dress. He looked up into Stephen’s face and saw flushed cheeks and blown pupils.


This time it was a question from Stephen, but Ryan still found himself nodding and moving to comply. He stood, and moved to pull Stephen into his kiss, his hands sliding across the smooth material of the dress. But Stephen pulled back.

“What?” Ryan asked. Stephen had never shied away from a kiss before. Then he grinned, finally finding his usual teasing manner again. “Don’t you want to ruin your lippy?”

“Exactly that. I have a much better use for it. I said bed.”

Ryan found himself nodding and doing as he was told again. He let go of Stephen, slightly reluctantly, and headed for the bed. He lay down on his back and put a couple of pillows behind his head. He watched Stephen move towards him and finally gave in and moved his hand to his cock, stroking gently.

“Fuck, you look amazing,” he breathed.

Stephen raised an eyebrow and gave him a self-satisfied smirk. He continued towards the bed in what Ryan could only describe as a slow slink. Then he climbed up onto the bed, legs either side of Ryan’s. He gave Ryan another grin and then leant forward.

Ryan gasped as Stephen’s lips were suddenly around his cock. The wet heat and the drag as he was sucked in made his head tipped back and he lost himself in the sensations for a minute. He let his own hands drop into Stephen’s head and card through his hair.

He lifted his head again and looked down at Stephen. Once more his breath left him. Stephen’s reddened lips looked deliciously slutty around him and lipstick was smeared around the base of his cock. Ryan had to hold himself back from coming there and then. He wrenched his eyes away and looked down the length of Stephen’s body. His bobbing head gave way to a long expanse of back, exposed by the dress. His eyes then travelled down to Stephen’s arse, held invitingly in the air.

“Jesus, that’s hot,” Ryan murmured.

Stephen hummed his appreciation for the comment around Ryan’s cock and looked up at him, eyes sparkling behind darkened lashes.

“Want you. Need to feel you, Stephen. Need my hands on you now.” Ryan’s voice betrayed his desperation, but he didn’t care.

But he was still disappointed when Stephen released his cock and crawled up the bed towards his head. Stephen’s lips were smeared with the lipstick and gave him a look more debauched than normal. Ryan raised his head again and this time Stephen didn’t stop him when he pulled him into a deep kiss.

Ryan let his hands roam all over Stephen’s body, flitting from the smooth skin of his back and arms, to the silkiness of the dress. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths in moves that were already so familiar.

Then Stephen started moving, crawling up a little further until his arse was over Ryan’s erection. Stephen broke the kiss, sitting himself upright and pushing his dress behind him. Ryan moved his hands to Stephen’s hips as Stephen lined himself up over his cock.

“Wait!” Ryan tried to stop Stephan lowering himself. His cock was still slick from Stephen’s blow job, but that wasn’t enough.

Stephen merely grinned at him and continued rather single-mindedly to push himself onto Ryan’s cock. Ryan gasped when he met only small resistance as he first breached Stephen’s arse, and then slid in smoothly.

“God, you were already ready. You just…you’re…” Ryan felt ridiculous being made speechless again, but now, the heat of Stephen’s body surrounding him, and Stephen managing to surprise him again, well, he just gave up on trivial tings like talking.

Then Stephen started moving on him and words drifted even further from Ryan’s mind. He moved his hands from Stephen’s waist and onto his legs. He slid his hands up Stephen’s thighs under his dress. He dug his thumbs into the muscle, moaning as Stephen moved. Stephen’s eyes were closed and he was making delicious noises as he rode Ryan’s cock.

As Ryan moved his hands he felt that Stephen had grown hard again. He gave another groan as he gripped Stephen’s erection with one hand as the other continued to squeeze his thigh. Ryan’s orgasm was approaching fast and as much he wanted to wait for Stephen to come again, he didn’t think he was going to last.

And then Stephen started adding an extra flick to his hips as he thrust down and Ryan looked up to see that smug smirk on Stephen’s face again and he was lost. His head tipped back and he gripped hard with the hand still on Stephen’s thigh. He thrust up hard into Stephen’s willing body and a strangled cry forced its way out through a gasp.

His grip on Stephen’s cock faltered, but he lifted his hand up again when he felt Stephen’s fingers wrap over his and help him work himself to orgasm. The dress was still draped over the head of his cock and Ryan was transfixed by the movement of the material as their hands worked.

A change in pitch from Stephen drew Ryan’s eye back up to his face and he watched as Stephen tipped over the edge. Looking back down he watched a dark stain spread out across the material of Stephen’s dress.

“Fuck,” Ryan breathed again.

Stephen collapsed down on top of him, their lips meeting. Hands roamed gently over each other, all urgency gone. Stephen slipped off Ryan and dropped down to one side. They kept kissing languidly and Ryan rolled slightly to keep their bodies close.

“You constantly amaze me,” he finally managed.

Stephen gave him a lazy grin.

“Perhaps you’ll think twice before taking the piss next time.”

Ryan grinned back. “I’ll just be sure to choose even more carefully about what names I call you if it makes you play dress up after.”

Stephen gave him a playful shove and Ryan laughed and kissed him again.

“Can you help get me out of this thing now?”

Ryan ran his hand down until he came to a zip down Stephen’s side and drew it down. Stephen winced as the wet material clung to his skin as he sat up and wriggled out of the dress.

“I think it’s ruined,” he grumbled, dropping it to the floor.

Ryan pulled him in for another kiss.

“If it gets you in it again, I’ll pay to get it cleaned.”

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