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Well, here's something I haven't done in a while...

There are nipples underneath this cut. )
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Songs about suicide shouldn’t be funny. And then there’s Armstrong and Miller…

Thank you boys for making me smile today.

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So, I haven’t written anything for NaNo for two days but I sort of don’t care. My brain is in the middle of heading straight for another meltdown; go directly to meltdown, do not pass go, do not collect £200. All I want to do is cry and whinge or veer wildly to the other extreme and get so angry I want to strangle people. However, I am refusing to do any of the above and am concentrating on the good stuff.
So on that vein I am celebrating a very good evening last night. It was partly good because it was Death in Paradise night and I am totally falling in love with that show. It’s quite wonderfully formulaic in many ways, but it is so much fun! There are some great lines in it (“he may be a good scientist, but he’s not much of a grouter”) and the characters are lovely, including the smaller characters who actually have personalities. And there’s a little baby Rex in it! Anyway, it’s tons of fun and def a highlight of my week.
But the best part of my day was that I had an audition for the Olympic ceremonies last night. It was so much fun! I’ll find out in the next few days if I’ve got a call back for the next round or not, but just having the experience of yesterday was wonderful.
There were 200 of us auditioning together and I’ve never done anything on that scale before. We danced and performed for two hours and I was shattered at the end of it, but enjoyed every minute. Couple of amusing moments included me completely fucking up the choreographed routine, but I always do that early on in learning a routine so it wasn’t exactly unexpected. I just laughed through it and hoped for the best. They had said at the start not to worry about messing up they were looking for more than that and how you deal with it is all part of it.
The other thing that is still making me giggle is that during another dancing section I got so carried away during the free-style bit that I totally missed that everyone else and the woman leading us had gone back to the synchronised bit. Twice.
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And on a different note, this video makes me happy in more ways than I can explain.
Actually, that’s a complete lie, I can totally explain:
  1. Leather trousers
  2. It’s A&M and it’s funny
  3. Leather trousers
  4. A&M touching. I don’t do RPS but they practically do it for you.
  5. Scared Ben running from rapper and hiding behind Xander
  6. Leather trousers
  7. They actually sing and perform really well
  8. 1 minute 13 seconds
  9. Leather trousers.

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I have just got home from another episode of Miller stalking; a screening of his film Huge, followed by a Q&A. Here are my over-excited bleatings on the whole affair. None of this is probably interesting to anyone else, but please feel free to take your boredom into your own hands and read further.
Bleatings below )

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Did I hear the words "screening" followed by "Q&A with Ben Miller"? Yes... I believe I did...

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An intro of two parts. First of all, sorry for lack of Waistcoat Wednesday lately; it has been a mix of being away, getting stuck at work for a lot of late nights and just being too busy.

But then, the beautiful and brilliant [ profile] emyrldlady had the quite superb idea of Tie Tuesday to celebrate Dino Day. Dino Day is of course the day that Primeval, my adored silly little dinosaur show, is aired. And when it is aired I get to see Ben Miller in a suit and tie and this is happy making for me.

So here we are one and all, the first Tie Tuesday. Some of these may be considered NSFW *g* Thanks again to the aforementioned Emy for finding some of these pics for me.
Pretty pics are here... )
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I have decided to post some pictures of Ben Miller for no reason other than they are pretty, it's another couple of weeks until he's back on my telebox and it's my journal so I can do whatever I like!
Gratuitous Ben Miller pics... )
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Today I was stupidly lucky enough to go to the Primeval series 5 preview screening at London Zoo with [ profile] fredbassett and [ profile] blu04 . This is a write up of the day without any spoilers for the episode, but a metric fuckton of pictures and blathering.

Seriously, it's really long... )
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Greeting and salutations good people and welcome to Waistcoat Wednesday.

Today I bring you something a little different…though I admit contains a lot of the usual suspects!

Today I am taking the focus off the waistcoats and putting it onto the unsung star of the waistcoat, the pocket watch. I love pocket watches and it’s pretty much the only kind I wear these days since I got my new adored one.

I think a pocket watch just sets off the whole look perfectly and I really like it when someone takes the trouble to wear one. Waistcoats without pockets, or fake pockets upset me hugely as it leaves no place to wear the pocket watch. But happily a fob watch is just as happy popped into a pocket of a pair of jeans.

I’ve tried to include in these pics a couple of different ways of wearing pocket watches on waistcoats. Some have the chain linked across both front panels of the waistcoat; some have the chain doubled, so it goes from the watch to the button and back again; and some have it as a single chain going from the watch to the pocket. Personally, I either link the chain across both panels or just have a single chain.

***edit*** If anyone can let me know how to make the botton two pics a wee bit smaller so they are easier to see I'd happily take suggestions!

So )So the usual then. I’d love you to share pics of your pocket watches, any of you that have them, or any pics that you find of pretties with pocket watches.
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In the space of just a few days I have had TWO trailers for season 4 of Torchwood (One has TW theme! One has BAMF Gwen and Jack with big gun and smirk!), a promo poster for Torchwood (Jack with a bigger gun, no smirk!), the Doctor Who series six trailer and now news of a new Ben Miller series!! There might be Miller legs!

I can only take so much excitement. Splody fangirl Jooles is splody!!

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So due to technology fails (combined LJ and me) Waistcoat Wednesday didn’t happen this week, so instead I being you…Fedora Friday!
Well it’s actually more of a celebration of hats; I’m not being too picky.
So, let’s start with me as I feel it’s only fair given that I ask you to share.
I love hats, people that know me are likely to know this by now. Trilbies are prob may fave on me and I am also a fan of a nice peaked cap. My hat collection is approximately; three trilbies, one fedora, one pork pie, one soft bowler, two cowboy hats, three peaked caps, a bunch of beanies and alpine ski hats, and various summer hats and weddingy type posh hats. Hmm…it seems even more than I realised all written down like that. Of course, there is also, on top of that little lot, CONNOR TEMPLE’S FUCKING HAT. *a-hem* Sorry. Still get excited. 
So pics…  )So, people, I hope you have enjoyed this little departure this week. Now, feel free to share! You have hats? Lemme know. You have pics of pretties in hats, then share them, especially if that pretty is you ;o) Pretty much any hat is a go…although I may draw the line at baseball caps. But other than that, fill your boots! Surprise me! Surprise each other! Surprise yourself!

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Okay, thought I’d throw a mini update your way as so many of you are being so lovely.

Went back to Docs today and got first lot of bloods results (waaay earlier than expected, ra) All the big nasties like liver, kidney, thyroid function etc are all normal. Hurrah. My blood count re anaemia is also fine.

However there are other discrepancies in my blood, mast particularly a low level of B12. Discussing my diet I eat the kinds of food that B12 is in so it would appear that my body isn’t processing it properly for some reason. So, I went for some more blood tests to figure that bit out and hopefully get the results before the end of the week.

I’m signed off work until I can walk in a straight line, but my bosses are being brilliant. And now the big nasties are showing as fine the doc has given me something that should help the dizzy..

So…getting somewhere.

Thanks again for all your kind messages, my flist is just lovely; thank you.
Gratuitous Ben Miller pics for no other reason than they make me happy )
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Saw this, couldn't resist a little icon.

The image is taken from the Comic Relief promo vid they did.
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So…day seven happened. It was supposed to be a lot of fun…but wasn’t. First there was the disappointment of not being able to go skiing, but as it turns out that was a blessing in disguise. By lunchtime yesterday it became evident that I had the plague that has been doing the rounds. I went to bed about one…and…well…have yet to get up. If the illness had hit half way up a mountain, a two hour drive from here, it would not have been at all good. So despite all my replacement joy yesterday about going out for [info]shamazipan 's birthday and extra time with the girls, what I actually did was sleep. All day.

Although I was awake for a little while and amused myself watching the Armstrong and Miller show. At one point I became a little over excited as I thought that I had discovered that Ben Miller has his nipple pierced. However, this then led to a coughing fit which detracted from the moment somewhat!

I was supposed to go and see my Granny today (day eight) who lives about an hour’s drive from here, but am still incapable of movement and don’t want to infect her.

I have rallied slightly this afternoon thanks to the magical properties of Coco Pops. There is talk of more ice hockey tonight, but I’m not up for that much movement yet.

There are no pics or vids from today or yesterday as frankly it is not a pretty sight.

Tomorrow I’m off to Newcastle assuming I’m feeling better.

And I will try not to sound quite so pityful and sorry for myself.

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Title: Isn't It Though
Fandom: Torchwood/Armstrong and Miller
Characters: Jack, Biffy, Spud
Words: 448
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own Torchwood. Or Armstrong and Miller. Though I would like to...
AN: This is a Christmas present for
shamazipan  who asked for Jack and Biffy and Spud, the two RAF airmen portrayed by Xander Armstrong and Ben Miller in their sketch show. Thank you for always being such a wonderful friend.

Captain Jack Harkness, pilot extraordinaire, paced the airfield. )


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This is without doubt the most fangirlie I have ever been. Ever. I am actually embarrassed for myself. (although I would like to point out that throughout the encounter described below I actually somehow managed to conduct myself with a degree of total normality and talked like a human, using proper words and everything.)


Cut for rude words, pics and embarrassing levels of fangirl hysteria. )


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