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15 day, 5 cities, 1,696 miles and a lot of coffee later, I am home. I am also completely shattered!

Thanks for following and I hope you enjoyed.

See you for the next one!

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Yes, it’s true, I am alive! Or possibly back from the dead, it’s hard to be entirely sure.

Yes, the evil plague that befell me and many others like me, is passing. I still feel like there is large Pliocene Epoch mammal (yes, I have been immersing myself in Primeval, why do you ask?) sitting on my chest and have a cough that makes me sound like a demented seal, and I’m still very tired, but compared to the last few days I feel bloody marvellous.

The illness did mean extra days in Glasgow with [ profile] shamazipan which is a never a bad thing and she did take good care of me. Last night there was a quite insane amount of giggling being done for two sober people; much of it stemming from an incident involving an ill-placed sonic screwdriver.

But today I actually managed to do some of the road trip bit of my road trip again and headed for Newcastle, which is where I am now. [ profile] steerpikesister made me the most divine chicken wings and then made me watch Stonehenge Apocalypse.

Oh. Dear. God.

How awesome is that movie?! It was wonderful in its direness. Unlike a certain dinosaur laden remake of a certain squeaky detective which is just dire in its direness unless you have had a LOT of rum cocktails.

Hmmm…I seem to have come back to prehistoric creatures again. Ho hum. It would appear my brain is still more addled than I previously realised.

Any hoo.

I haven't managed to go skiing or go and see my Gran, and it's unlikely I will now as I believe killing your elderly relatives with your evil viruses is generally considered bad manners.

I did a vid today and I will do another tomorrow. You may like to note at the start of this the look of concern and concentration on my face as I try to line the camera up using the rearview mirror in an attempt to make sure I’m actually in shot. It amused me anyway. I do also look dog rough. Which is not so amusing.


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So…day seven happened. It was supposed to be a lot of fun…but wasn’t. First there was the disappointment of not being able to go skiing, but as it turns out that was a blessing in disguise. By lunchtime yesterday it became evident that I had the plague that has been doing the rounds. I went to bed about one…and…well…have yet to get up. If the illness had hit half way up a mountain, a two hour drive from here, it would not have been at all good. So despite all my replacement joy yesterday about going out for [info]shamazipan 's birthday and extra time with the girls, what I actually did was sleep. All day.

Although I was awake for a little while and amused myself watching the Armstrong and Miller show. At one point I became a little over excited as I thought that I had discovered that Ben Miller has his nipple pierced. However, this then led to a coughing fit which detracted from the moment somewhat!

I was supposed to go and see my Granny today (day eight) who lives about an hour’s drive from here, but am still incapable of movement and don’t want to infect her.

I have rallied slightly this afternoon thanks to the magical properties of Coco Pops. There is talk of more ice hockey tonight, but I’m not up for that much movement yet.

There are no pics or vids from today or yesterday as frankly it is not a pretty sight.

Tomorrow I’m off to Newcastle assuming I’m feeling better.

And I will try not to sound quite so pityful and sorry for myself.

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Day six was a lot of fun. Did some mooching around the shops in the morning – which is always a good way to spend your day – and went to Edinburgh in the evening to watch an ice hockey game. It was my first and was the Breahead Clan v Edinburgh Capitals. The Clan won 8-0 which was pretty good as that was the team we were there supporting.

I learnt three things:

  1. I enjoy watching ice hockey very much
  2. some chants just sound utterly rubbish in an English accent, especially when surrounded by Glaswegians who can make reading a shopping list sound vaguely threatening
  3. leaping up in excitement and clapping when your team score while holding a cup of coffee will inevitably lead to a coffee spilling incident.

Today is day seven and [ profile] shamazipan 's birthday. She’s off out shortly and I was supposed to be skiing today but the winds are too high and they can’t run any lifts so the mountain is closed. I am very sad but it means bonus time with [ profile] moonlitcactus and [ profile] rout_obsessie so that is never a bad thing. And I have finally been introduced to potato scones, which given that my Dad is both Scottish and a chef is an utter travesty.

Tonight we are all going out for [ profile] shamazipan 's birthday so there is a teeny chance that day seven’s video may also be of the not entirely sober variety…

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Day five happened. It mainly involved sitting around in PJs being too tired to move.

But in the evening we went to see [ profile] moonlitcactus who fed us a lot of pizza and iron bru which def helped. And I got to see the opener of the new series of my big silly dinosaur show!

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Halloooo all *waves*

So far on the Great Gillespian Gallivant: a caffeine fuelled roadtrip to madness, I have driven from home (South London), to Brimingham, and Birmingham to Manchester and back. I haven't worked out the milages yet, but plan to at some point. More for my vague interest than anyone else' I guess!! Had a lovely day yesterday with [ profile] tiggerbrasilf, [ profile] crimson_bride; and [ profile] angelkitty101 There was a lot of laughing, silliness, innapropriate hand gestures and plotting for sillier plans. Watch this space...
Some pics and video diary entries here! TTFN )


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