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Original fiction master list

At Least She Had Good Teeth

Changing Lives

Don't Stop for Coffee - A Callie story

Fate and Fivers


Insides on the Outside

Name, Rank and Number - A Callie story

Safe Place

The Bus

Walking with the Devil - A Cara story

Where The Monsters Hide


An untitled poem

My Beautiful View - poem 


Isn't It Though - Jack, Biffy, Spud   TW/Armstrong and Miller crossover

Yo Ho Sebastian - Cosmo Jarvis Gay Pirate song fix it

Rubbish icons - Primeval, Blue Gillespie, general

Doctor Who master fic list

Baby Names - Craig Owens/Sophie

Forgotten in the Morning - Ten, Jack

Silly Ten/Rose fic


Being Human master fic list


The Sad Fate of China Dragons - Annie

Leverage master fic list

A Very Distinct Pain - Eliiot, mentions of team

Quietly Confident - Hardison, Tosh TW/Leverage crossover
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Primeval master fic list

While I generally follow canon, unless specified, as far as plot etc goes, the same cannot be said for pairings, where pretty much anything goes. Lester/Connor is my main pairing though.

Series fics:

Girls - Stephen/Ryan

Something to Talk About - Connor, Ianto, team, Torchwood/Primeval crossover written with emyrldlady

The Good Wife series - Connor/Lester

One shots:

94 Minutes - Lester, Connor, Abby, Season 4 team

A Little Lightshow - Connor, Abby, Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper (Torchwood crossover)

A Primeval Christmas Carol - Lester, Nick, Stephen, Leek, Ryan, Connor, Abby, Danny, Sarah

All For You - Connor, Abby, Becker, Matt, Jess, Lester, Nick, Stephen, Ryan, Claudia

Battle of the Pinstripes - Ianto, Lester  TW/Primeval crossover

Beating Heart - Lester/Connor

Breaking Temple - Connor, Philip Burton - Please read warnings!

Breath in the Air - Connor

Do's and Don'ts - Lester/Connor

15 Seconds - Connor, Nick

Getting Lost - Connor/Lester

Hair and Hands - Lester/Connor

Helping - Lester/Connor

Heroes - Connor/Becker

Hiding in the Light - Connor

I Am This - Connor

Knowing - Connor, Nick, team

Missing the Obvious - Abby/Connor

Private Line - Lester/Connor

Second Thoughts - Connor with mentions of Abby, Caroline and Nick

Snuggly ficlets - Becker/Ryan, Fee/Jess, Connor/Lester

Stray Shoes and Coffee Machines - Lester/Connor, mentions of the team

The Fool - Connor, Stephen

The Beaver Incident - Lester/Ryan

This, Just This - Connor and Abby

Time for Pudding - Lester/Connor


The Porns:

 All In the Mind - Stephen/cannon characters

All Night Long - Lester/Danny

An Excuse to Shop - Lester/Connor

Asking For It - Connor/Becker

Breakfast in Bed – Lester/Connor

Breathe - M/M

For Once They Had Time - Abby/Stephen

Girls - Stephen/Ryan

Giving It - Connor/Becker

Girls - Stephen/Ryan (series fic)

Learn to Like It - Connor/Becker/EMD

Mud, Glorous Mud – Lester/Connor

New Boy - Becker/ SF boys

Night Watchman - Jenny/Sarah, Becker

Oil and Water – Lester/Connor

Practical Demonstration - Connor/Stephen

Presents in Pretty Packaging - Lester/Ryan/Lyle

Private Line in Public - Lester/Connor

Quiet Please - Lester/Ryan

Saved - Lester/Connor

Say Please - Lester/Becker

Something to Say - Cutter/Becker

Tasty - Lester/Connor

The Punishment - Lester/Connor


An Unusual Kind of Death - Becker, Connor, Lester, Danny, Abby

Battle Cry - Becker

Caught Between Spaces - Becker

Cold Blood - Lester

Cold Blooded - Rex, Connor, Abby hints of Connor/Abby

Coming Home - Lester/Connor

Deviation From the Norm - Lester/Connor

Don't Give Me Chocolates or Flowers - Connor/Lester

Different Sky - Lester/Connor

Grateful - Lester/Connor

Guilty  Pleasures - Lester/Connor

Happily Ever After - Lester

He Is - Lester, Connor(Lester), Abby, Becker

Heat of Another - Lester/Connor

Hiding - Lester/Connor

Human Nature - Connor

I Am - Lester

Insubordination - Lester, team

Irrational - Becker

It's A Revolution - Leaster/Connor

Making It Up - Connor/Lester

Making Yourself Heard - Lester/Stephen

Medicine Man - Connor/Lester

More Than...Unexpected - Lester, Becker

Names - Connor, Jenny, Lester

No Illusions - Connor

No Need to Be Rude - Connor, Lester

No Regrets - Connor, Lester

Not Easy - Lester/Connor

Obsession - Connor

Oh. - Connor

Once Upon a Time - Connor, Abby

Protesting Too Much - Lester/Connor

Quiet Please - Lester/Ryan

Roads Not Taken - Connor/Lester

Save Me - Lester/Connor

Save Me Again - Lester/Connor

Save Me Now - Lester/Connor

Simple Love - Connor

Ski Geek - Connor, Ryan

The Crime... - Lester/Connor

There Are So Many Things to be Rescued From - Connor/Lester, Nick

Three Little Words - Connor/Lester

Three Words - Connor, Nick

Tuned In - Connoer, Lester

Turning Off - Connor, Becker, Team

Selection of drabbles for Primeval 100 here, here, here and here. Various pairings of Connor, Lester, Nick, Jenny, Claudia, Becker, Ryan, Stephen. A lot of Becker actually!

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Torchwood Master fic list

All my fics follow canon unless specifically stated.


Series/ instalment fics:

A Different Jack- Ianto has his own way of grieving. Ianto/Jack

Eight Things of Captain Jack Harkenss - Series of Jack/Ianto one-shots all involving eight things Jack, says, has etc.

Ianto’s Last Secret – Gwen, Jack, Ianto, OC

Seven Deadly Sins of Torchwood – Eight one-shots each focusing on a different sin and one member f the Team, Rhys, PC Andy and Suzie


One Shots:


A Time to Dine – Owen/Gwen, Jack/Ianto, Tosh

Add A Little Spice - Jack/John

Best Laid Plans - Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Andy

Boiler Room – Jack/Ianto, Team

Cars and Stars – Jack/Ianto

Childhood 2.0 - Tosh, with the rest of the team

Dirty Work - Owen, Jack

Doctor Doctor - Owen, Ianto, team

Grounded - Owen and Ianto, some Toah, Gwen and Jack

He Knew What She Needed - Rhi, Johnny, mentions of Ianto, Jack, Gwen and Rhys.

Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch - Team

I Came, I Saw, I Slimed - Ianto, Gwen, Slime Monster

I Will Love You – Jack/Ianto

It Hurts - Carys

Life In the Fast Lane - Ianto, Owen

Making Choices - Jack/Ianto, mentions of Team and Rhys

Missing - Jack, Ianto, Owen, Tosh, Gwen

Mud – Jack/Ianto

Never Seen, Never Seeing - Ianto, Owen

Nicknames - Jack/Ianto, Owen

Not Apologising - Ianto, PC Andy

Organised Chaos - Jack/Ianto

Over and Under - Jack/Ianto

Owen and the Birds - Owen

Perfect - Ianto, Gwen, Team

Pretending - Ianto, Tosh... Ianto/Tosh

Red Route
- Jack/Ianto

Revenge is Best Served - Blowfish, mentions of weevil

Roof Diving - Torchwood/Leverage crossover Jack, Parker

– Jack/Ianto

Spin the Bottle - Ianto, Owen, Team

Strike a Pose – Jack/Ianto, Gwen

That is NOT Traditional - Jack/Ianto/Jay

The Doctor Is In - Owen/?

The Man Who Has To - Ianto, Owen

This Means War - Ianto, Owen, Tosh

Torchwood Water Cooler – Jack, Ianto, Gwen

Tosh 1: Ianto 0 - Tosh, Ianto

Twitter Story - Gwen, Ianto



The Porns:

51st Century Medicine - Jack/Ianto

 Belt and Braces - Jack/Ianto

Breathless Symphony - Jack/Ianto - dark fic read warning

Clean is the New Dirty – Jack/Ianto

I Want Love – Jack/Ianto

Personal Combat Training – Jack/Ianto

Please with Coffee Beans - Jack/Ianto

Promises - Jack/Ianto - dark fic, read warnings

S'nice - John/?

Screened - Tosh/Ianto, Tosh/OC

Watching Owen (series WIP) – Owen, Owen/Ianto, Owen/Gwen + more to come




A Big Red Bow – Jack/Ianto

A Lover's Flame - Tosh

A Simple Song - Mainframe/Tosh

A Small, Tactical Error - Blowfish

Absent Truth - PC Andy

Always the Moon - Jack/Ianto

Anticipation - Ianto

BBC One - Mainframe

Belonging - Tosh

Bugs are Human Too - Owen

Children - Owen

Christmas - Ianto and Team

Comb – Jack/Ianto

Competition – Owen, Jack

Demons - Rhys

Don't Upset OCD Boy - Ianto and Team

Dreams of the Dreaming - Gwen, Owen, mentions of Rhys

Flying High - Myfanwy

Forewarned is Forearmed – Owen, Jack

Happy Easter Ianto Jones – Jack/Ianto

Hiding from the Obvious – Ianto, mentions of Tosh

Hiding in Plain Sight - Canon characters

Give it to Me - Ianto, Gwen

Global Graveyard - Ianto, Jack, Gwen

It's Alright - Owen

Jones - Ianto, Gwen

Keeping it Buried - Gwen, mentions of Ianto, Owen, Tosh

Kenesaw Landis Mountains - Jack/Ianto

Last Piece of the Puzzle - Jack, Ianto

Licence to Thrill - Jack/Ianto

Life After Torchwood - Andy

Locked in a Room - Ianto, John

Lost - Cannon charaters

Moment - Tosh, Owen Tosh/Owen hints

More Than He Lets On – Owen, Ianto

Not About You - Jack/Ianto

Never Back Down - Jack/Ianto

Oh, The Irony - Owen

Play With Me - Team, Ianto and Tosh friendship

Poetry - Tosh

Pull the String - Jack, Steven

Put a Collar on Me – Ianto, Team

Sharing Eternity - Tosh, Jack

Shiny - Team

Sliver of Lover - Jack

Slight of Hand - Owen, Ianto

Snow Day - Ianto, Jack, Gwen

Take Care of Me - Alex

Tea and Biscuits - Jack/Ianto, Mica

That Man, That Smile – Jack/Ianto

The Ghosts That Haunt Me - Jack/Ianto

The Importance of Being Ianto

The Ragged Girl - Owen

The Worm Turns - Alice Guppy/Jack Harkness

There It Is – Jack/Ianto

They Keep Killing Jack - Jack, Alice, Emily

Thorn in the Years - Ianto/Lisa

Those Eyes - Canon characters

Throwing Words - Owen, Tosh, John

Time Lock - Team

Time to Spare – Gwen, Jack

Um... - Jack/Ianto/?

Up or Down? - Jack, Owen, Ianto

Who’s Your Daddy – Jack/Ianto

Would I? - Jack/Ianto


A Little Light Show - Jack, Gwen, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland TW/Primeval

Battle of the Pinstripes - Ianto, Lester  TW/Primeval

Forgotten in the Morning - Jack, Ten TW/Doctor Who

Isn't It Though - Jack, Biffy, Spud   TW/Armstrong and Miller

My Owner's Better Than Yours - Jack's coat, Angel's Coat, TW/Angel

Quietly Confident - Hardison, Tosh TW/Leverage crossover


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