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Title: Spirit Walls
Fandom: Open/ original
Characters: Open
Words: 337
Rating,Warnings: 15 - dark themes
Spoilers: None

AN: This Halloween fic was originally written to be slightly AU for a Primeval character, but it didn’t quite suit him. It’s also got a bit of the Captain Jack to it, but, basically I couldn’t decide who this suited best or if was just OC. So, if you fancy, have a read and decide for yourself who the tormented soul is…
AN2: Huge thanks to [ profile] czarina_kitty for looking at this so quickly.
AN3: Huge, shining disclaimer: this is not based on any actual spiritual or belief system, it’s all a figment of my imagination. If anything other than the most basic of history bares any relation to anything real, it’s pure coincidence as I know nothing. What I’m attempting to say is, absolutely no offence meant.
t was the night he dreaded. )
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Title: No More Than I Deserve
Fandom: Original
Words: 150
Rating/warnings: PG - Darkish themes

Disclaimer: All mine
AN: A random that came to me today.

My life has been lived to destroy myself.

I pull myself apart from the inside, letting liquor crumble my organs, drugs poison my blood and thick tar coat my lungs. Inhale, swallow, pump, devour.

I’ve lived and loved with brutal abandon. Touch me, never touch my heart; but please, won’t you let me tear yours apart?

I live to excess, filling my body and mind with pleasure; chemicals, music and sex flooding me to keep me buoyed and high. I go tearing through the years; no backwards glances over my shoulder, not stopping to look ahead.

There will be no blaze of glory ending, no going out with a bang. One day my body will give in to the abuse; relishing delight in its revenge as it takes me wheezing, pissing and blood soaked to a slow, painful grave; no more than I deserve.

And no more than I want.

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Original fiction master list

At Least She Had Good Teeth

Changing Lives

Don't Stop for Coffee - A Callie story

Fate and Fivers


Insides on the Outside

Name, Rank and Number - A Callie story

Safe Place

The Bus

Walking with the Devil - A Cara story

Where The Monsters Hide


An untitled poem

My Beautiful View - poem 


Isn't It Though - Jack, Biffy, Spud   TW/Armstrong and Miller crossover

Yo Ho Sebastian - Cosmo Jarvis Gay Pirate song fix it

Rubbish icons - Primeval, Blue Gillespie, general

Doctor Who master fic list

Baby Names - Craig Owens/Sophie

Forgotten in the Morning - Ten, Jack

Silly Ten/Rose fic


Being Human master fic list


The Sad Fate of China Dragons - Annie

Leverage master fic list

A Very Distinct Pain - Eliiot, mentions of team

Quietly Confident - Hardison, Tosh TW/Leverage crossover
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Title: Where the Monters Hide
Fandom: Original
Words: 200
Rating/warnings: PG

Disclaimer: All mine
ANWritten a while back for the prompt "monters"

Your parents were right you know.

The monsters aren’t hiding under the bed. All those nights of jumping from the door to the mattress lest the monsters grabbed your tasty, naked ankles, were in vein.

And they don’t live in the wardrobe either. Closing the door at night is not enough to keep them from you; to stop them watching you with their hungry eyes.

Because the monsters are already inside. They live in your head and wait until your guard is down and then they strike.

The monsters wrap their leathery wings around you; surrounding you, holding tight, an embrace that’s almost a comfort. They sink their ice cold talons into your mind and heart, spreading venom through your body until you no longer know what’s real and what’s a lie.

They whisper in your ear and paint pictures in your head. Planting seeds of ideas the monsters take your thoughts; wrapping them and twisting them in their calloused hands, changing them, changing you.

They coax and cajole, fetid breath hot against your cheek, and as you succumb and do their bidding you can let yourself smile because you finally know.

There are no monsters.

There is only you.

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I made icons. They are beyond basic and all fairly similar, but they are here none-the-less. If, on the outside chance, you like any, snerch and mention me to a passing wanderer.

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014


Dec. 14th, 2010 11:47 pm
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Title: Breathe
Fandom: Whichever you like
Characters: Who ever you like M/M
Words: 100
Rating: 18 - warning for breath play
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own anything expect the words.
Spoilers: None

He gasps for air and the hand around his throat tightens.

He’s trapped; pinned under a body that has taken full advantage, and his fight has fled him.

His back arches and his head falls back as his body responds automatically to the threat the constriction poses.

And then his body bucks and shudders; his orgasm pulled from him as his head swims towards a blessed blackness not quite realised.

The hand falls from his throat and his lungs greedily pull in oxygen as the man above him thrusts hard once more, before succumbing to pleasure it hurts to inflict.

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A little bit of randomness that appeared in my head.

I drink in the landscape displayed before me

Features exquisite in their perfect beauty

Creams and browns of flawless hue

Blues of the purest blue

I drink in the valleys and curves

Exposed only for me

And my heart fills with love

As I thank the world for giving me you

My beautiful view.

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Title: Insides on the Outside
Challenge: Abandoned
Warning(s): Non-explicit references to child neglect
Word Count: 535
All characters and situations in this story are property of me.

AN: Sorry for so many postings today, but this is the first time I've scored points on the LAS so I'm a bit excited...

Natalie sat on the sofa and waggled her feet in the air, a breeze ruffling her hair. )


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So here’s an interesting one for you. Credit where it’s due, my mum has always supported my writing and the other day we got to talking about a story I wrote when I was about 14. It has always been a favourite of mine and hers, but I hadn’t read it in years. After talking to her, I felt compelled to look it out. It had been published in the school magazine so I still have a copy.

Anyway, I read it expecting it to be a lot poorer than I remembered it being…but it wasn’t. I actually still think it’s quite good, and what’s really worrying is that it reads very similarly to the way I write now.

There are issues with it of course; words I would never use now, extraneous phrases, repetition, that sort of thing; and there is a definite naivety in parts. But it doesn’t read as juvenile as I expected it to. In fact, stylistically it seems to me to be very similar to my writing now.

So this leads to an interesting question. At 14 was my writing really good enough that I'd happily compare it to what I produce 20 years later? Or does it in fact mean that my writing just hasn’t evolved at all since then? That as an adult I still write as a child? I’m aware that my writing style is frequently quite conversational and rarely challenging, so is that why? It’s actually just quite immature?

Or, and a definite possibility, am I now reading this through a rose tinted laptop and actually it’s just rubbish?

I have typed this up exactly as it was written, not changing or amending anything, so as I say there are flaws, and one sentence that just makes no sense, but if anyone has a moment and feels like it I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Title: At Least She Had Good Teeth
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1384
All characters and situations in this story are property of me.

At Least She Had Good Teeth )
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Title: Walking With the Devil
Fandom: Original
"If you are going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill (does not have to be taken literally) for 
Summary: They are full of life and they are hers for the taking
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 512
All characters and situations in this story are property of me.

AN: This introduces a new character who I have already written some more of. In fact she is quickly developing her own universe and rather taking over my life. This is quite rushed little intro, but hopefully you'll see something you like.


The motorbike hummed into life, throbbing gently beneath her body as she sat astride it. )
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Title: Don't Stop for Coffee
Fandom: Original - A Callie stroy
Rating: 18
Prompt: "Waking up together" for
[ profile] origfic_bingo
Warning(s): swearing, F/F sex
Word Count: 693
Disclaimer: All characters and situations in this story are property of me.
AN: Just a little snippet, but gives you a bit more of Callie.


Light spilt through a gap in the curtains, bringing with it the start of a new day. )
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Title: Fate and Fivers
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Change for 
Summary: Putting yuor furture in the hands of fate.
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 237
All characters and situations in this story are property of me.


It was one of those foolish moments borne of youthful enthusiasm and idealised romance. )
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So…I don’t know where this came from. Haven’t written a poem in, like, forever…seriously, since uni I think. Not even sure if this qualifies, it’s more of a random dribbling of words from my mind. It means something and nothing.



Words are here )


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Title: Name, Rank and Number
Fandom: Original
Rating: 15
Prompt: Sex, Wales and Anarchy
Summary: It was a war...and sex was the weapon
Warning(s): swearing and sexual references
Word Count: 2,061
Disclaimer: All characters and situations in this story are property of me.
AN: I wrote this for the Sex, Wales and Anarchy short story competition. It didn't win, which is no surprise at all as it's a long way from the best thing I've written, but I have to start getting origial fic out there for crit away. 
Thanks to: Huge thanks to 
[ profile] emyrldlady and shamazipan for getting me this far and cheerleading.

It was a war; a war fought by the men and women of this fair city. The battle ground was the pubs, clubs and bars that heaved with their bodies every night. The weapon was sex. )
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When I first started this journal, I originally intended it as a way to track my progress with my writing and my novel. That is not what has happened…

Fanfiction and fandom seem to have taken over rather and my silly head refuses to let me actually share any of my novel or my beloved main character with anyone, so this journal has never been that.

I do put some original stories here, though they are never commented on so I assume never read. It’s a shame, but not really a problem. It’s hard to get the motivation to read something when the whole thing is an unknown quality and you have no idea what you are getting.

But that said, I want to keep my journal more well-rounded for me. The fanfiction will never stop – it means too much to me – and, when I can be bothered to stop being lazy, other ramblings on fandom, and sometimes life, will appear too. But I’m also going to start putting a log of my ad-hoc musings and ramblings here.

Like many writers (I am assuming here, I’ve never actually asked any) random ideas, snippets of prose, conversation, characters, names etc pop into my head. Often uninvited, usually unaccompanied and sometimes unwelcomed, they still keep coming. I scrawl them down in notebooks, write briefs on my laptop, even store notes in my phone, but I keep them all. One word, two words, a group of sentences, whatever it is. One day that spark, that word or line, could be the start middle or end of something bigger and greater than I have managed so far.

And now I’m going to start keeping them here. Some pages of muses, ramblings and rumblings. They will most likely be of no interest to anyone but me, and they will certainly be owned by no-one but me. I should also point out that if anyone does read them they should not panic. When the dark stuff comes out in my writing it’s because it’s not in my head. This is a good thing. And I make no apologies for recurring themes. It’s my life, it’s what I know.

You’ll see what I mean.

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These make no sense unless you read this. Everything on these pages is original and owned by me. No copying, borrowing or quoting without written permnission.

The musings start here... )


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Lookie! I got a thingy for completing a thingy!

Go me!

Now...if I could just make head or tail of *any* of the instructions as to how to change my profile page to put banners on or my own header that would be super.

The Bus

May. 1st, 2010 01:25 pm
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Title: The Bus
Fandom: Original
Genre: N/A
Rating: 15
Prompt: #4 – A bus @
Summary: A smile can change everything
Warning(s): Includes thoughts of suicide.
Word Count: 1,265
Disclaimer: All characters and situations in this story are property of me.


Mick sat in his driver’s seat and stared out of the window into the rain. )



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