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It’s been a bit of a frustrating and doom and gloom day in Jooles Towers, but I am bored of whinging, so let’s celebrate some completely random, utterly useless in real life, but happy-making stuff.

Most of my flist have a common connection, which is being part of fandom of one type or another, at one time or another. Share with me, and the group, your best and/or most embarrassing fandom moments. And take that anyway you will! A brilliant fic you have read, an amazing comment you’ve been given if you write, someone you have met, whatever.

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I spent last night with a very good friend of mine who is fantastic at cutting through my shit and helping me find the humour in any situation. I was trying to work through some of the stuff that my stupid head is filled with at the moment and we came up with the coolest thing.

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I am trying desperately not to have a pity party whinge fest at the moment, as whining is all I feel like doing right now. Coupled with that, it is the end of January and it’s cold, wet and miserable.

So, we all need cheering up right?

Here is my plan; reply to this with anything that makes you happy, smile, laugh, go humena, whatever. Whatever cheers you up. A story , a poem, a vid, a pic, porn, seriously anything goes, as long as it makes you smile or bits tingle.

I’ll start. For one reason or another, this never fails to make me smile. Even today. Thank you, Barrowman.

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Having done some maths I’ve realised it was about 11 years ago that I last dislocated my knee. (I did it twice in about 18 months, I am SO clever). During those times I learnt a lot of ways to get myself around and do day to day things under the circumstances. I am having to relearn these.

However, some bring their own amusements. I thought I’d share one.

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Oh my god!

I did something nearly clever with a graphics package!

I have wanted a Lester/Becker icon for AGES and finally had a browse through screencaps, but it's hard to find ones of them close. Anyhoo, I found a couple of caps by Emma-Jane where they were standing opposite each other and I cut the best Becker and Lester from the two images and put them together, taking out all the background that was originally separating them in the scene.

I used layers and everything!!!! And the join isn't even that easy to see!

This won't sound like much to you clever people who's graphics skills I admire and covet so much, but, I have never managed owt like this before. Very chuffed with self and new icon.

PS. I struggled with it for, like an hour, and when it came out right I have no idea what I actually did different from all my failed attempts, so will never be able to replicate it...
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I wrote this a couple of days ago, but just getting to post. It is a little, (read, long) ramble on my 2011.

Bad stuff happened in 2011, but it doesn’t deserve to be dwelt on, carried forward to the new year or given any more strength by putting it down in words. And besides, I have whinged about most of it already! So…onwards.

I am not mentioning anyone by name here; people may recognise themselves, but there have been so many important people being important to me this year, that I can’t mention them all by name, so I am going by mentioning none. I hope that makes sense.

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Without going into details, theI am an only child. I also won’t go into what this meant to my life right now - though it did have a huge impact on me – but I am so happy I want to share this…

I grew up with the family of friends of my parents. We lived about an hour’s drive away but we took family holidays together, weekends away, spent every Christmas together, most birthdays and lots of times in between. In short, this other family are our family, and D and A are like a sister and brother to me.

There is only 6 months age difference between D and I, and I found out a month or so ago that she is pregnant. She has wanted to be a mother for so long and I was so happy for her, that I spent most of the evening I found out crying, but in the absolute best possible way.

So, I am going to be an auntie. A lot of people don’t get how I can say that as there is no shared blood, but that matters not. I AM going to be an auntie. I am going to have a little niece or nephew, and even though they live much further away now, I am going to dote on the little thing.

And I have just seen a copy of their first scan picture and I am sitting at work, unable to turn away from my desk because I am crying again.

So. Damn. Happy.

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Today they interviewed for my current job. I was the one ferrying them into the interviews and marking their tests, which was a little weird. Especially as one of the candidates is a friend of mine.
However, I have just heard that my friend got the job and I am so, so pleased for her. She’s had a really rough time lately and totally deserves this, and it means she’ll still be working here and that is awesome.
And then I was told that my new contract will start on Monday! Which means (as I am on leave for a couple of days) that today is my last day in my current job! Which is weird too. But also cool. But now I have to clear my desk, but don’t have a new desk to move to. But frankly don’t care.
It’s all good baby.
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Okay, I have no idea if anyone on my flist is knowledgeable in these matters but I thought I’d throw it out there in case someone is. I know I have some teachers on my flist, so maybe you have some knowledge.
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I have just got home from another episode of Miller stalking; a screening of his film Huge, followed by a Q&A. Here are my over-excited bleatings on the whole affair. None of this is probably interesting to anyone else, but please feel free to take your boredom into your own hands and read further.
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So there is this awesome kid, 17 years old, who has started a charity to re-build Croydon. He’s met with local press, met with the Reeves family and got 1000’s of people behind him online already, including other businesses in the area that were more fortunate. He has more than 33,000 likes to the page on FaceBook.

He’s proving that the majority of teenagers are good citizens and he’s helping lead the way for Croydon to start repairing itself.

He had said earlier today that he was going to be at Reeves Corner between 5 and 6 to meet anyone that wanted to come and meet him and find out more. Then he re-posted later saying that he would be there between 3 and 4 because his mum wouldn’t let him stay out any later in case there was any more trouble. I love three things about this; 1, it’s just too cute and adorable and made me laugh; 2, he has the kind of parents that care that he is out when there might be trouble. I think this explains why he is the kind of lad that works his nuts off to set up a charity in three days rather than going out looting; and 3, he actually listened to his mum and did as she asked him to and wasn’t even ashamed to post to 33,000 people that that’s why he wouldn’t be there.

I’m following his website and the Facebook page to see what I can do in the future. I don’t have the money to donate, but I have time and I’m a capable grafter, so we’ll see. I’ve already signed up to the council’s list of rebuilding volunteers and should find out soon what their plans are and how we can start to rebuild and repair ourselves.

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Hello to all,

Just wanted to say *hugs* and thanks to all my flist for all your messages yesterday. The whole ghost town thing was weird, but it was mostly quiet last night. I'm quite happy if they keep this early lock down in place if it continues to prevent more trouble.

And my thoughts are with all my Northern friends. I hope none of you were effected and that you and yours are all safe.

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Do we remember mention of a secret crush? Well, I managed to put down secret crush and not think about him for ages. But we have certain things in common, and because he thought I might be interested he has just emailed me about one of them. It’s long email and he’s all clever and interesting in it. The main reason I crush him so badly is that he is clever and interesting. And he is clever and interesting in subjects that I studied which makes it worse.

And it’s not even the only time, oh no.

No, crazy Jooles has developed other crushes based entirely on people’s minds. I get kinda turned on by people being clever at me. But then I turn into gibbering idiot and lose ability to speak, let alone form any sort of coherent sentence. But it’s the stupid clever people, the ones who are a ton more clever than me. Which he is.


What the frick is wrong with me?



….um point to note…should I ever be having an intelligent conversation with you, this does not mean I am picturing you naked. Of course it doesn’t mean that I’m not, but that’s different story….


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