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Welcome to waistcoat Wednesday!

First up I have an apology. In my pathetic, random illness ridden state I couldn’t cope with anything more than a compfy jumper today, so I have let the wasitcoated side down. I hope lots of you are fully waistcoated to make up for my total lack.

So, after the initial wasitcoated joy of last week, can we keep it going? Are you in a waistcoat? Do you have a wasitcoated story, pics etc to share with the world? Or let me know what you think of my choice of Waistcoat Wonder.

Below I have a mini picspam of this week’s Waistcoated Wonder; one of my faves and one that holds a special place in my fangirl heart. He may not have the BAMF-ness of last week’s Mr Jones  – certainly in the first three series – but what he lacks in fighting ability he makes up with brains, geekiness and downright adorability (with appologies for awful quality of caps).


I give you the many waistcoated looks of the one and only Le Connor Temple:

I love waistcoats so much, I wears two. Or one of thiose funky ones that gives the appearance of two at the very least.

This is my serious face so I will wear a shirt and tie with my waistcoat...well, a nice red scarf anyway...
I'm feeling a bit more casual today, so my waistcoat will go with a nice red jumper...and my scarf. I like my scarf. And I'll stand by the cult section in the DVD shop to show I am a real geek.
Today I am setting out to prove that waistcoats and hoodies can work together. To emphasise my coolness I will add a trilby on top and fingerless gloves. And slightly regret the expression on my face that Jooles managed to get with her screencap (despite me letting her cosplay this outfit)
And finally...Waistcoat, t-shirt, fingerless gloves, tranq gun. I. Am. The. Man.
Also, like a good boy, he even has a pocket watch in some of these. Truely a Waistcoat Wonder.


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