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2011-08-10 08:32 pm

Waistcoat Wednesday

Hello and welcome!!

Long time no Waistcoat Wednesday.

It’s been busy, but this, I hope you’ll agree, is a good comeback…

As many of you know one of our favourite Waistcoat Wonders, Gareth David-Lloyd, is/has/will be gracing our screens in an episode of Warehouse 13. Below that cut are some pics from the ep. If you want no spoilers at all, don’t look, but I don’t think a great deal of story can be inferred from the images. And they are pretty.

Big thanks to [ profile] i_bananas for pointing me at all of these…
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2011-05-11 10:59 am

Waistcoat Wednesday!

Good morning!

Welcome to Waistcoat Wednesday my good lovlies. Do we have many waistcoats being worn with pride out there today? I will admit that I am unwaistcoated, but as I spent Sunday in a waistcoat in the presence of a previous Waistcoat Wonder I figure I have it covered for this week *g*.

Anyway, an accidental viewing of one of the worst greatest films of all time the other night prompted today’s Waistcoat Wonder.

Without further ado, I give you James “god of high cheek bones” Masters.  )
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2011-05-04 10:06 pm

Waistcoat Wednesday

Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to another - slightly late, sorry - Waistcoat Wednesday.

I got quite excited today as I wore a new waistcoat. While on the surface it looks very much like my other plain black waistcoat it's totally different! Well... a bit *g*

Anyway, after the meanieness of last week I said I would make it up to you...I hope this makes amends.

I've kept you waiting long enough, so here finally, one of my favourite Waistcoat Wonders...Ianto Jones...
A selection of waistcoat looks... )
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2011-04-27 11:02 am
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Waistcoat Wednesday!

Good morning all and welcome to Waistcoat Wednesday!

Today’s Waistcoat Wonder is more of a Wondering Why? For the love of all that is holy, why?

Pics here if you dare! )
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2011-04-20 11:06 am

Waistcoat Wednesday!

Hello all and a warm welcome to another Waistcoat Wednesday.

Thanks to all for coming and playing with my pocket watch special last week, was lovely to see so much pocket watch love.

This week I have a small and specialised little entry.

All pics below... )
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2011-04-13 11:02 am

Waistcoat Wednesday!

Greeting and salutations good people and welcome to Waistcoat Wednesday.

Today I bring you something a little different…though I admit contains a lot of the usual suspects!

Today I am taking the focus off the waistcoats and putting it onto the unsung star of the waistcoat, the pocket watch. I love pocket watches and it’s pretty much the only kind I wear these days since I got my new adored one.

I think a pocket watch just sets off the whole look perfectly and I really like it when someone takes the trouble to wear one. Waistcoats without pockets, or fake pockets upset me hugely as it leaves no place to wear the pocket watch. But happily a fob watch is just as happy popped into a pocket of a pair of jeans.

I’ve tried to include in these pics a couple of different ways of wearing pocket watches on waistcoats. Some have the chain linked across both front panels of the waistcoat; some have the chain doubled, so it goes from the watch to the button and back again; and some have it as a single chain going from the watch to the pocket. Personally, I either link the chain across both panels or just have a single chain.

***edit*** If anyone can let me know how to make the botton two pics a wee bit smaller so they are easier to see I'd happily take suggestions!

So )So the usual then. I’d love you to share pics of your pocket watches, any of you that have them, or any pics that you find of pretties with pocket watches.
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2011-04-06 07:46 pm

Waistcoat Wednesday

Good evening people!

Well it looks like I can finally bring you Waistcoat Wednesday.

Is was going to be something a bit different this week but after getting all splody fangirly over the weekend and on Monday there was only ever one real candidate for today.

So without further ado: today’s Waistcoat Wonder is Captain Jack Harkness.

Piccies here... )

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2011-03-23 10:30 am
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Waistcoat Wednesday

It’s Waistcoat Wednesday!

I am back at work today and suitably waistcoated. Are we all appropriately attired for the day?

Today’s theme is going to be how clothing - in this case focusing on waistcoats, can change the way that you look at someone.

Pic and rest of waistcoat ramble here... )
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2011-03-16 10:06 am
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Waistcoat Wednesday

Morning all!

Wonderful that the waistcoat love is spreading! Thanks again for joining in and I am still feeding cookies to
[info]thrace_adams for the wealth of waistcoated Tommy pics last week.

I’ve been up and out already to the doc’s so am perked up with waistcoatage! Back in nice comfy man waistcoat over jeans and T.

And huge kudos to
[info]creadigol_lili who was at work, dressed appropriately for Waistcoat Wednesday, while the rest of us were still languishing in Tuesday. That’s dedication for you people.

So, today’s Waistcoat Wonders. In honour of (hopefully) seeing one of the sexiest groups of ladies I know this weekend, I thought we should spare some time to honour some waistcoated ladies. Here is a collection of lady waistcoat icons and some of my favouritist girls that I managed to find waistcoaty pics off *vbg* (Apologies for the very mixed image qualities.)

Lady waistcoat picspammage here... )
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2011-03-09 02:01 pm

Waistcoat Wednesday

Welcome to Waistcoat Wednesday!!

I am still sick, but went to the Docs and for more tests this morn so had to get dressed, and while a waistcoat may have seemed a little dressy for my GP it made me feel better and it’s Waistcoat Wednesday so how could I not! (for info, today’s is a men’s black pinstripe. open over t-shirt and jeans.)

First things first; thank you all for joining in with my weekly bit of waistcoat appreciation, all your comments and I hope you are liking the pics. It seems you are so thanks for coming and hanging out here once a week.

Thanks also to
[info]telperion_15 who wrote a Waistcoat Wednesday drabble! It’s awesome and it’s here.

So then, onto today’s Waistcoat Wonder. Although he is not specifically known for wearing waistcoats he is quite well known for his clothes and his stage outfits. I’ve chosen him as a Waistcoat Wonder cos in my opinion the boy knows how to dress. I may not like everything he wears, but he clearly takes his choice in clothes, outfits and costumes seriously and that’s something I respect. And, though he doesn’t float my boat per se, he does rock a suit.

Adam Lambert picspam ahead )
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2011-03-02 12:37 pm

Waistcoat Wednesday!

Welcome to waistcoat Wednesday!

First up I have an apology. In my pathetic, random illness ridden state I couldn’t cope with anything more than a compfy jumper today, so I have let the wasitcoated side down. I hope lots of you are fully waistcoated to make up for my total lack.

So, after the initial wasitcoated joy of last week, can we keep it going? Are you in a waistcoat? Do you have a wasitcoated story, pics etc to share with the world? Or let me know what you think of my choice of Waistcoat Wonder.

Below I have a mini picspam of this week’s Waistcoated Wonder; one of my faves and one that holds a special place in my fangirl heart. He may not have the BAMF-ness of last week’s Mr Jones  – certainly in the first three series – but what he lacks in fighting ability he makes up with brains, geekiness and downright adorability (with appologies for awful quality of caps).


I give you the many waistcoated looks of the one and only Le Connor Temple: )


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2011-02-23 12:43 pm

Waistcoat Wednesday!

I have a new game. And by game I mean random fun thing to do. And by fun, I mean for me.


I hereby declare this day to be Waistcoat Wednesday! )