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Day Ten: One confession.

1.      If I had a super power I would totally use it for evil.

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Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.

Descriptions rather than actual pictures I’m afraid:

  1. My bed is covered with pretty much every item of clothing I own and a suitcase is sitting rather lamely in the middle of it. If I could anthropomorphise it I would say it is looking slightly suspiciously at me thinking “I’m about to get very full aren’t I?” Yes…packing for two week road trip.
  2. Me being as bouncy and girlie squealy as I get. Going to see so many good friends over the next two weeks and parts of the country I’ve never seen before. I absolutely cannot wait.
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Day Eight: Three turn-ons.

1.      hats. Mainly trilbys or military hats

2.      accents; Scottish, some Irish, Welsh, some American.

3.      confidence – not arrogance.

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Day Seven: Four turn-offs.

1.      arrogance – confidence is one thing, arrogance bleugh

2.      Intolerance; sexual, racist etc

3.      Fakeness. If you’re not yourself I don’t want to know. (This is different though from being different sides of the same person; I think that is something many of us on here can identify with.)

4.      shallowness

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Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

There is no way I could list five individuals as I’m very lucky and there are too many special people in my life that if I just listed five it would do a terrible injustice to everyone else. So I cheated.

1.      My Gillespian and fandom friends who have shown me so much love and fun and friendship over the last year and given me support when I’ve needed it the most

2.      My “RL” friends, L, L, and V in particular, who were always there when I needed them and let me know just how loved I was.

3.      My parents. We have issues, oh hell we have issues, but I still know that they would always be there for me and they have supported me through my life even when they haven’t always agreed with me and I do love them.

4.      My Guide unit. It doesn’t matter how bad a week I have had, when I get with that group of kids they lift my spirits, remind me how to laugh and have fun. Seeing the world from their point of view is never dull.

5.      Everyone who has ever educated me or taught me. Giving me the ability to think, analyse, debate, argue and stand by my thoughts and opinions is the greatest thing I could have.

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Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

This is hard as I don’t believe in regrets. There are things I shouldn’t have done, but at the end of the day there are few things that I can say that I wish I hadn’t done as you learn from everything. Anyway…

1.      Started smoking. It’s stupid, it’s wrong and I shouldn’t do it.

2.      Got involved with someone who damaged me in ways it took years and a fuckton of counselling to repair from. Did it though. Ha! Ya boo sucks to you fucker.

3.      Hurt my ex-fiancé quite so badly

4.      Admitted to a short lived but quite intense crush on Orlando Bloom. There was severe mocking.

5.      Watched Armageddon. Hours of my life I will never get back.

6.      Ever heard the song “Barbie girl

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Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1.      I’m too damn old

2.      I haven’t seen enough of the world

3.      I need to sell my flat and change my life

4.      I should really tidy up

5.      is it time for coffee yet?

6.      plot lines, characters, characters being bloody vocal and demanding, characters bringing their own sodding plots AND theme music

7.      sex (we’re being honest right?)

P.S. Don't we don't just adore my new icon?

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Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1.      be honest

2.      be yourself

3.      be funny

4.      bring me chocolate brownie…

5.      or cheese…

6.      or coffee.

7.      don’t try to change me

8.      interest or intrigue me.

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Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

  1. I wanted to be a stunt artist when I was a kid which meant I spent years throwing myself off and over things and scaring the shit out of many teachers and my parents.
  2. Sort of related to the above but I have done three bungee jumps, including one of more than 360 feet free fall from the Zambezi Bridge.
  3. I was born with extra fingers and an extra toe. These were all removed at various points when I was little. I’m still hideously paranoid about the scaring on my foot, but no-one else seems to notice it.
  4. From the ages of 12 to 17 I habitually carried a knife for protection after a misunderstanding with a local drug dealer.  I never used it, but ironically got into my first knife fight two weeks after I stopped carrying.
  5. I have two tattoos so far. A crescent moon on my hip bone and five purple African daisies on my foot. The first is representative of how I use the moon to focus prayers and to make me feel connected when I’m travelling; and the daisies are because they are my favourite flower in my favourite colour from the place I miss the most in the world. They are on my foot to remind me to be grounded and stop and feel the world beneath my feet occasionally. I have plans for two more.
  6. I love cheese. Like, really, really love cheese. My ex actually abandoned me in a cheese place in Vermont out of sheer embarrassment because I was enthusing about the cheese so much with one of the girls that worked there.
  7. I swear too fucking much, but see no reason to change.
  8. Of all the skills and talents I wish I could have, I would love to be able to sing.
  9. I have a ridiculous need to perform. I like doing dramatic roles, but frankly there is nothing like being on stage and having a theatre full of people laughing at something you have done. It does help if you have been trying to make them laugh however.


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