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Day 23: Favourite Owen Moment

There are so many I could choose as I do love my Owen, but actually there is a hands down number one moment for me.

In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang when John threatens Tosh, Owen says “You touch her again, and I will kill you. Okay?” It’s heartfelt, brutal and you know he would do it. It’s also practically brushed over, and never mentioned again, but god, it gets me every time. And it says so, so much about him and his feelings for Tosh. It makes me love him even more.
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Day 22: Favourite Jack Moment

Let’s get this straight, Jack is fricking awesome, I love the character – but I love Doctor Who Jack a little more. I love his bravery when he is a mortal; he has everything to lose and he still does it; still stands up for what is right and fights for the Doctor, knowing he will die trying.

But that isn’t Torchwood, so instead I’m going to say – weirdly – the end of Day Five. JB’s acting is – let’s be honest – patchy at times, but the look of total devastation on his face when his world is lost is utterly heartbreaking and kudos to the writers and actors.
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Day 21: Favourite Ianto Moment

Even tougher. Torn between some of his dry humourous moments; Meat, Sleeper, Ghost Machine etc and his BAMFy moments, Meat, Exit Wounds, CoE etc, or, just, you know, Fragments.
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Day 20: Favourite Gwen Moment

This is going to be hard for all the characters, so for Gwen I’m going for two that show different sides of her for me. The first is her conversation about sex with Emma-Louise in “Out of Time”. It always makes me laugh and her facial expressions are just brilliant.

The otherside of the coin is Gwen fighting off the paramedics in "Day Two".

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Day 19: Favourite Outfit – I love Jack’s look as well Ianto’s. But the one that is my favourite guilty pleasure? Ianto’s look in Adam. For starters I love the purple and it a lovely suit, but the whole sleeves rolled up, undone waistcoat, slightly dishevelled, coming undone thing, is just yummy.
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Day 18: Character You Relate To The Most

Ianto. We are similar in a few too many ways than feels healthy sometimes. I'm very aware of his flaws.


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Day 17: Something You’d Like To Re-write

Not a re-write, but I would like to re-edit the showdown gun scene in Countrycide. It annoys be beyond belief you see Jack shooting his Webley then get a slow mo shot of shotgun shells falling to the floor, when he’s already finished with the shotgun. It’s anal, I don’t care, it bugs the hell out of me.
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Day 16: Favourite Piece of Music –

This could be so many different choices as the original music and score is fantastic and the choice of songs used is usually great, for example, Blur’s Song 2 in KKBB.

But the one I will choose, though not my fave as such, is Monster by The Automatic. Whenever I hear it the very first thing I think of is Torchwood and that makes me happy.

The second thing is murdering it drunkenly with [ profile] shamazipan on new year’s eve, but that is a different story…
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Day 15: Favourite Couple Scene –


“‘You, me, this room, as long as it takes.’ Terrifying.”


“Shivers down my spine.”

“You don’t look very scared.”


Or any moment from Fragments.

I love the banter between them, and it’s moments like these that make the whole show for me.

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Day 14: Favourite Couple

Jack and Ianto to be totally unoriginal.

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Day 13: Favourite Promo Picture

There are two: )
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Day 12: Favourite Quote

There are two many it is impossible to choose, but if pushed I’ll go for something from Sleeper; one of the many great lines Mr Moran gave Ianto if I’m further pushed.

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Day 11: A Scene That Made You Angry


They would have worn fucking gas masks.

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Day 10: A Scene That Made You Smile

There are tons, but the first one I remember really making grin and thinking “hell yeah, laughs too” is when Owen is watching Carys and Gwen in the cells together  and then Jack and Tosh come to watch too. The whole, “we should really stop them.” “yeah, we really should” but forgetting to move thing, then Owen still not going until he has hit record. Fabulous.

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Day 09: A Scene That Made You Cry

There are three, and I can’t choose one over the others. And they are pretty obvious, Owen, Tosh and Ianto’s death scenes. Sob wringers each and every one of them.

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Day 08: Favourite Minor Character

This is tougher, and what does it mean by minor character? I’m going to cop out either way and say PC Andy. It’s tough, I want to say Rhys, but I have to choose one and Andy, well Andy just rocks doesn’t he? (and he’s more minor that Rhys so prob better to include)

Andy puts up with so much, complains like a bastard, but just keeps doggedly doing his job anyway. He’s like the Duracell bunny; nothing will stop him.

And then…THEN!!! we get his masterpiece at the end of CoE. When he throws of his uniform and hurls himself into that fight you see him shed what he thinks is the right thing to do, to do what he actually believes is the right thing to do. It’s brilliant character development and I think Tom Price does a wonderful job playing him.

And I don’t write him often enough, but when I do, I really enjoy it.

Andy, I salute you.

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Forgot this yesterday...ooopsie.

Day 06: Something You Liked That Most People Didn't

Lol. Shall I just say CofE? There are flaws and holes, but seasons one and two were littered with them too, and there are certain OOC aspects I disagree with. But essentially it was good, on the edge of my seat TV. I was gripped from start to finish and anything that can make me bawl that much is good story telling and damn fine acting. Plus, I may be a sick bastard, but the way the story line spiralled to the ending and the inevitable decision that Jack had to take I thought was great. It provoked argument and debate and that is rarely a bad thing, 

Shame about all the batshit cray it spawned.

Day 07: Favourite Alien/Villain

Captain John Hart. Sexy, funny, awesome costume. Brilliant mix of selfish nasty, unrepentant serial killer, and sexy lover with a heart of slightly tinted gold. He has a devil in his dick and a twinkle in his eye and a wonderfully lax sense of morals. His love for Jack is real and believable - bettered only by his love for himself - as are his motivations for his actions. He's acted fabulously, with great changes in tone and pace that keep you wanting more. Sexy and self assured he is a character I would love to see come back.

Did I mention sexy?

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Day 05: Least Favourite Episode

Hmmm…the ep I have the biggest love hate relationship with is Reset, so will say that.

I’m sorry, but Martha annoys the tits off me. You want a companion to feature? BRING BACK ROSE! Would have been so much more interesting; can you imagine the dynamic with Jack/Ianto/Rose? Awesome. No, we get whiney Martha.

There are some good fun moments, some lovely lines and it does have its good points. I also love the idea of the alien farm being so abhorrent to the team; it shows the areas of grey that they have to deal with.

But, it also has Martha and Owen dies and that sucks to end all sucky things. (although I still remember my reaction when that happened; just being totally stunned. Great TV. See, love/hate relationship)

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Day 04: Favourite Episode

Countrycide. Taking all your leads completely out of their comfort zones and stripping each of them of the things that make them them is brilliant. Tosh has no gadgets, Owen has no equipment and no one else to blame, Ianto has no suit or desk to hide himself behind, Gwen has her blinkers taken from her and Jack gradually has his team taken from him and as a result nearly becomes who he used to be.

For Owen, Ianto and Tosh especially, this episode really lets facets of their characters we don’t normally get to see shine out and I love it.

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*cough* yeah...sort of fell behind with this...but here's to catching up...

Day 03: Favourite Series

Series two. I prefer the characterisation in series two, and it’s still got that lovely cheesey quality that made the first two seasons the lovable, delicious TV that they were.


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